Rapeseed Meal Extraction

Rapeseed Meal is a product derived by processing Rapeseed, commonly known as Mustard Seed in India. The Rapeseed / Mustard seed is fed in the oil expellers and oil and oil cake is derived out of it to make two different products. The oil cake is further extracted in the Solvent Extraction Plant to obtain oil free meal. This meal is known as Rapeseed meal / De-oiled meal. It is a high source of protein and is used as animal feed and fertilizer etc. in India, Far East & Mediterranean countries.

Specification Particulars Content in %
General Specifications Protein 36 Min.
Fiber 12 Max.
Moisture 10 Max.
Sand Silica 2.5 Max.
Nutrients Dry Matter 91
Total Crude Protein (CP) 37
Digestible Crude Protein (DCP) 32
Total Digestible Nutrient (TDN) 64
Lysine 1.76
Methionine 0.70
Cysfine 0.63
Threonine 1.5
Trypsin 0.43
Ca 0.7
P 1.0
Others Allylisothiocyanate 1.0 Max.
Erucic Acid 0.25 Max.
Metabolisable Energy Cattle 2300 (Kcal/Kg)
Poultry 1760 (Kcal/Kg)